Why Buffalo?

Well, what if there was a healthier, more environmentally-friendly alternative that didn't require a sacrifice of flavor?

In the United States, beef reigns supreme. But it's little known that around the world, water buffalo meat has been harvested for centuries for its health benefits and taste. With it's sweet-yet-savory, non-gamey flavor and lean, juicy texture, it's no wonder that many tout it as "beefier than beef" and it's #1 alternative.

a cut above the rest

Protein & Nutrient Packed

Water buffalo is known to have the lowest cholesterol level of all domestic meat (43% less than beef), similar protein density to chicken, and contains significant amounts of omega-3, which protects against heart disease and other inflammatory disorders. It also contains higher levels of iron than all other meat types, significant levels of zinc, and 61% less saturated fat when compared to other protein sources, studies show.

No Hormones or Genetic Engineering


Today’s industrialized beef industry has disrupted natural processes with the introduction of growth hormones and genome editing in order to give cattle traits that it does not naturally possess, but that are more economically profitable. We are stopping this dangerous cycle.

Our organic water buffalo is 100% naturally grass fed and finished, eating nothing but chemical-free grass all year round. This means that they are grain-free, soy-free and GMO-free. With no industrialized breeding practices, our buffalo are far more disease resistant than their cattle counterparts, meaning no injections to salvage a sick herd. A naturally healthy, humanely raised herd is our promise.

Less Environmental Impact


Our buffalo are raised in small herds to help minimize the impacts of their grazing on vegetation, soil erosion, and water pollution compared to industrialized beef. Our buffalo are also 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and can fatten on a wider range of grasses and reach market size in a shorter time compared to beef. Their organic manure is good fertilizer, creating more fertile and biologically active soils than those fertilized with mineral fertilizer alone.