Our Farm

All our buffalo are raised on a small, idyllic farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Most of our farm is situated on a north facing slope, naturally enclosed with a ridge of woodland at the top and a slow winding brook in the valley beneath. The elevation and position of the farm ensures that there is zero runoff of chemical fertilizers and pesticides from neighboring fields.

Our Philosophy

We aim everyday to be good stewards of our land and herd, and to establish a better way of farming for future generations. We've realized that conventional farming-- chemical applications, soil erosion, animal health issues-- it just wasn't working for us.

Our farm is not certified organic, because we set our bar above that. Not all of the approved pest controls and fertilizers required for certification are actually free from harmful chemicals. Instead, we keep our pasture in shape with natural fertilizers and rotational grazing to eliminate soil erosion and contamination.

Our meat all comes from animals that have access to fresh, high-quality pasture from early spring to late fall. In the winter months, they are fed only the best hay, harvested directly from our farm. We believe that animals raised on healthy pasture will naturally be healthier and happier.